Rugged Data

Streamline Field Service Reporting

Why Rugged Data Exists

Many mobile work businesses are drowning in data. Processes based on paper forms, spreadsheets and repeat entry are eating up resources and leaving them behind. 

Rugged Data was developed to help businesses optimise efficiency, ensure quality and compliance AND manage a diverse team of field service technicians. Comprising of a Mobile App to capture data on the job, and a central Hub to store customer, site and work information, Rugged Data generates professional looking post job reports within seconds.

And best of all, there’s almost no effort on your part. No complicated form designers to learn and no new tools to wrap your head around. We can fix your problems today.

Smart Touch Controls
Score, rate, assess or check intuitively and interactively
Geolocation and Timestamps
Automatically stamp reports with time and place of capture
Automatic Identification
Quick and accurate data input using barcoding and NFC
Photos and Annotations
Record observations instantly and markup annotations
Embedded and Integrated Datasets
Embed your data to get the right information every time
Digital Signature Capture
Digital signatures for professional reporting and agreements

Ron Santos – Abbey Fire (UK) Ltd.

““The relationship with the Rugged Data team has been key. From the start, they fully got to know what we needed for our ductwork cleaning certificates. Later, if we needed to adapt our processes, it was unbelievable how quickly they could turn around changes to generate new certificates.””


Bespoke Mobile Apps

Get a custom-built app to streamline your processes

We are available for one-off development projects or long-term partnerships, get in touch with one of our specialists today to run through the details.
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