Case Study - Mobile Work

To help technically ambitious businesses leverage mobile technology to deliver efficient, convenient and more profitable operations with minimal investment of time and money.

Key Challenges:


Nuffield Technologies developed a platform that allows multiple clients to be supported using a central framework.  The subscription service offers low start up and ongoing costs, and makes it easy for companies to carry out routine mobile business processes such as security checks, safety inspections, cleaning reports, audits or checklists. The mobile application uses a contemporary, clean and usable user interface. The intuitive design means that new business applications or processes can be quickly adopted by users, and minimises any training overheads.

The application automatically generates high quality PDF reports that can be branded to match the company's style. The application centralises a companies mobile processes, and allows updates and new process to be delivered over the air without any interaction from the end user.   This gives businesses the opportunity to continually refine their existing services or cost effectively introduce a new service or process.  If a mobile user goes into an area without internet, the application offers a seamless experience and any work done is uploaded in the background when the user reestablises a data or wifi connection. There is an extensive set of features such as integrated photography, and further allows businesses to leverage technologies such as NFC and barcoding to streamline their operations.

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