Mobile Computing

and Data Capture

For Enterprise and Public Sector


What We Do

Procurement, Development and Security


Device Procurement

We can help you find the best mobile devices for your environment across a wide range of industries


Software Development

We design and develop mobile, web and desktop applications that will work for your business


Secure Operations

We specialise in deploying and supporting Android™ in environments where security is critical

Warehouse worker scanning boxes using Zebra rugged tablet for data capture

Enterprise Device Procurement

Consumer mobile devices can cost you up to 50% more over five years

Enterprise mobile devices are built for data capture in challenging environments and offer greater lifetime value than consumer devices.

Software Development

Implementing a mobile solution can increase your field-based workers’ productivity by 23%

We design and develop bespoke mobile, web and desktop apps. Our data capture solutions help your team get their work done efficiently, whether they are on the road or in the office.

Healthcare technician repairing equipment using Zebra ET45 tablet for data capture
Security worker in vehicle using Zebra rugged phone for data capture

Secure Operation

Android Enterprise has the best security features of any mobile operating system

We help businesses who operate in security critical environments to deploy Android devices.

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