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Providing technology for better, smarter work

Established in 2001, Nuffield Technologies solves device procurement and software development challenges for commercial and public sector clients.

The Nuffield Technologies Story

Over two decades, we have developed a reputation for problem-solving using technology. Present us with an operational challenge and we will deliver the right mobile devices and bespoke software solutions to help your teams do better work and your organisation thrive. This approach has led to our becoming a trusted and long-term provider to clients across many sectors.

How it all began

In 2001, our founders formed Nuffield Technologies in Poole, Dorset, after several years serving in the UK defence forces and data capture industry.

A team of three began undertaking repairs for handheld mobile devices. The business grew swiftly in size and capabilities, expanding its services to software development and hardware sales.

We now build bespoke software and deliver reliable and robust enterprise mobile and data-capture technology, to help organisations get work done more efficiently and effectively.

Defence sector origins

Our defence sector origins have been fundamental to our growth and our successful relationship with clients.

As a JOSCAR-accredited company, we understand the operational environment more than most and are well equipped to deliver mobile solutions to environments where security is of great importance.

Delivering under pressure has become synonymous with our approach, and in a climate of increased cyber security threat, this is proving to be a huge asset to our clients.

Among those is Boeing, who we have a long and successful relationship with. Our team has been providing software development and mobile device managed services to support their wider information services.


Proven track record in manufacturing and production

Nuffield Technologies offers software and hardware solutions to a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing and logistics. Our team can help to optimise your supply chain by integrating auto ID technologies such as RFID, label printing, and asset-marking solutions (including UID) into your processes.

Long-term relationships have become an important part of our success story. We are proud to have served many of our clients for a decade or more.

Warehouse worker driving forklift using a Zebra ET6x tablet

Zebra Technologies Partner

Nuffield Technologies is a Zebra Technologies business partner, providing clients with competitive rates and expert consultancy when procuring its leading rugged mobile devices, tablets, label printers and auto ID technologies.

Software development and project delivery, supported from a single, UK base.

Our Team Ethos

We believe that our ability to deliver the right solutions for our clients is fundamentally connected to our company culture and values. That is why we work hard to create the kind of company that our people can thrive in, solve challenges and deliver. We have developed a STEM-friendly workplace for women, building long-term careers and 50% of our technical team are women.

We Focus on People

We look beyond titles like ‘client’, ‘end user’ or ’employee’ and connect with people. This empathy helps us deliver perfect-fit solutions for living, breathing human beings.

We Do The Right Thing

We treat colleagues and customers with respect and care. We do things right, even when nobody’s looking.


We Find a Way

We accept the challenge. We take full ownership of a problem and relentlessly work towards a solution.

We Keep Learning

We build our knowledge and seek out better ways to do things – and encourage others to do the same. It makes work more satisfying and the outcomes for customer even better.

Are you our next employee success story?

If you’re looking for a company that values learning, taking ownership, and innovation, Nuffield Technologies could be the perfect fit for you. Join us and be a part of a team that is committed to building technology for better, smarter work.

We don’t currently have any vacant roles available. However, if you would like to send us your CV to be considered for future roles, we do value a proactive approach.


We value our sustainable business credentials and we take concrete and measurable steps to protect the planet.

  • Our tech partner Zebra Technologies sells repairable rugged devices that are built to last and supported for extended periods, helping to reduce e-waste. It also buys back old devices, sells refurbished devices, and safely recycles devices at no extra charge
  • Our team uses Framework laptops, which are easy to disassemble, repair and upgrade, reducing e-waste.
  • We encourage eco-friendly commuting to reduce our carbon footprint.

Sustainability to us also means cultivating a healthy and happy team. We have aligned with The Mental Health at Work 6 Commitment Standards and we encourage equality, diversity and inclusion among our workforce. 

Get in touch

Talk to our hardware and software problem-solvers now. Call our team on 01202 665885 or email [email protected] or leave a message on our contact us page here.

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