Security Critical Environments

Lock down your devices with ASP, a secure platform for Androidâ„¢

Security Features

Our Secure Platform for Android (ASP) enhances Android Enterprise security. ASP is a system of apps and tools that provides the capabilities required to operate Android devices in environments where security is critical.

It is built on top of Android Enterprise and is fully customisable to specific customer needs.

It is uniquely able to manage Android smartphones and tablets which are permanently disconnected from any network by using USB data transfer.

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Multi User
Device can be shared between many users.
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Users are authenticated through a security layer with username and can support multiple credential providers.
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The Operating System is secured by disabling device features, restricting the user interface and disabling system apps.
ID badge icon Android Enterprise Security is enhanced when devices can be managed online or offline
Online or Offline
Devices can be managed over WiFi or via USB.
Data Transfer
Provides a common data synchronisation method for multiple apps.
Data can be encrypted at rest and in transit using industry standard AES-256.
Rapid Mass Provisioning
Initial setup and rollout of devices can be performed with minimal user interaction.
ASP can be extended to support custom requirements.

Android Enterprise Security

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