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Windows CE Migration

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Successful mobile computing is critical to competing in today's digital economy. This technology facilitates data capture and processing in near real time. 

Dominant operating systems in the last decade were Windows CE or Embedded Handheld. These have reached the end of mainstream support with no clear migration path. Whichever operating system an enterprise looks to deploy next, existing applications need recoding.

We help businesses upgrade legacy handhelds and associated software with modern Android technology.

The Definitive Guide: Windows® CE to Android™ Migration

Warehouse worker scans barcode labels on boxes with zebra MC9300 handheld android mobile computer converted from windows ce

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The Cost Of Waiting

1% increase in device failure equates to 5% increase in Total Cost of Ownership

Rugged devices are purpose built for daily use in demanding environments. Despite their robust design, failure rates do increase as they near end of life.

It's tempting to use devices for as long as possible to maximise their return on investment. Yet each time a device fails, it can lead to a loss in productivity of up to 65 minutes.

Postponing modernisation brings risk and delays efficiency gains in new operating systems.


You’re only as good as the tools you use

80% of organisations plan to invest in new technologies to be competitive

Tools are the backbone of business processes. Equipping your team with the right tools for the job improves performance. This helps you increase profits.

  • Minimise mistakes with intuitive software applicatons

  • Increase accuracy with proper barcode labelling

  • Speed up tasks by reducing handing times 

  • Shorten training times using familiar and intuitive technology

  • Sharpen decision making with near real time access to data

Zebra Warehousing Vision Study

Worker sticking label on box with zebra zq630 printer and zebra tc57 android smartphone with app migrated from windows ce
Windows CE migration development

Your business critical applications, refurbished

Existing Windows CE and Mobile Applications need to be rewritten in order for them to work on Android.

We rapidly develop new versions that run on Android using our modular framework CoreXam. Our CoreXam apps perform well across multiple platforms. These include Android, IOS and Windows Universal Platform.  

CoreXam Overview


Your new application

Migrate your Windows applications

Switch to Android to drive up your workforce's productivity and increase profit.  Book an initial call to discuss how we can help you migrate to a modern Android Operating System.

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