Asset UID Marking for Defence

Keeping track of defence assets

How We Help

We help Original Equipment Manufacturers and suppliers directed by the UK Ministry of Defence commercial purchase contracts to specify, supply and fit UID marks to their assets before delivery to the MOD.

Unique Identification (UID) allows MOD assets to be tracked throughout their lifecycle through permanent marks that can survive the toughest of conditions. UID marks combine human-readable text with data matrix barcodes that can be scanned using a barcode scanner to identify the asset.

Our UID marking specification and label production services meet the requirements of the United Kingdom’s MOD standard DEF STAN 05-132. Our UII specification and production conforms with the following standards:

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DEF STAN 05-132

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DEF STAN 81-041

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ISO/IEC 15434:2019

Our Services

  • Selection of asset marking method
  • Specification of the UII data structure format
  • Liaison with the MOD Joint Defence Marking Team (JDMT)
  • Preparation and submission of equipment marking specification documentation
  • JDMT UII Catalogue Data Load Sheet
  • JDMT OEM UII Marking Specification
  • Asset registration with UK MOD Defence UII Registry
  • Production and supply of durable UID labels
  • UID label fitting

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