Manufacturing worker using a Zebra ET6X Tablet to carry out safety inspections

Zebra DNA Cloud – The Suite of Software Tools That Boosts Productivity for Zebra Devices

Imagine if technicians and field services teams could diagnose a malfunctioning device’s problem at the push of a button. It might help determine if the device can be fixed on-site instead of being sent away for repair. That could reduce device downtime considerably.

Or what if your employees could deploy a completely free-to-use barcode tool that simultaneously reads up to 100 barcodes on a package or pallet?

These tools – and many, many more – are available to businesses using Zebra Technologies devices. They go above and beyond what will be available from your mobile device management (MDM) software. In some cases, they can even become your MDM, providing a complete software solution.

If your organisation uses Zebra devices, we highly recommend you look into incorporating some of the tools below. If you don’t, what follows may give you compelling reasons to choose Zebra mobiles, tablets and wearables at your next procurement round.

What is Zebra Mobility DNA and Zebra DNA Cloud?

Zebra Mobility DNA is a suite of software tools designed to help businesses maximise productivity when using Zebra mobiles, tablets, computers and wearable devices.

Zebra DNA Cloud is a user-friendly interface to help manage and configure Zebra devices, and deploy Zebra’s Mobility DNA tools.

Strictly speaking, Mobility DNA is the suite of software and DNA Cloud is the interface from which you configure that software. However, for simplicity, we’ll refer to ‘Zebra DNA Cloud tools/software’ throughout.

Zebra DNA Cloud Tools to Keep Devices Working for Longer

Device Diagnostics

When devices go wrong, too many businesses have a blunt ‘send-it-off-to-repair’ policy. But is this solution – which can be costly in terms of device downtime – necessary?

Using Device Diagnostics, admins and end-users can instantly test and diagnose a device and all its systems at the press of a button. This can streamline your decision-making, so that you can work out if:

  • a user can solve the problem in the field
  • an in-house repair is necessary
  • a manufacturer repair is the only option

One of the benefits of Device Diagnostics is that it can identify common errors that can be easily fixed – for instance, incorrectly configured or deactivated app features. It also ensures the correct problem is identified for any repair order. This sophisticated approach can save you money by reducing the cost of repairs and keeping devices working in the field for longer.

Device Tracker

Lost and mislaid devices must be found. But wouldn’t your people be better off working than hunting for their mobiles?

Using Zebra Device Tracker to find a TC73 mobile phone mislaid on boxes in a warehouse
Quickly find your mobile devices with Device Tracker—effortless, even when off. Save time and boost productivity.

Device Tracker can help you quickly locate all Wi-Fi-enabled devices – even if they’re powered down.

One ingenious feature is the real-time sliding bar that shows when you’re getting closer to a device. Also, user-friendly access point names defined by you, such as ‘Workshop’, identify the general vicinity in which the device is located.

It’s simple arithmetic. Less time looking for devices. More work actually getting done. Good news all around.

Zebra DNA Cloud Tools to Help Colleagues Do Better Work – Faster

Enterprise Keyboard

Manual data entry can be a bottleneck for businesses. With small key sizes and a lack of autocorrect (to name just two frustrations), many keyboards simply aren’t up to the job.

Enterprise Keyboard offers some brilliant features to increase productivity and accuracy when entering data manually, and decrease the risk of keylogging attacks. These features include:

  • Five keyboard styles to choose from: QWERTY, numeric, symbols, phone and scanning.
  • Large keys to accommodate any hand size (and gloved hands).
  • Four feedback methods to verify users have pressed the right key: vibration (haptic), sound, visual colour change, or pop-up previews above the pressed key.
  • Autofill and autocorrect, using your specific industry terms.


Scanning speeds up data capture but, with large volumes, scanning itself becomes time-consuming and labour-intensive.

SimulScan is a free tool from Zebra DNA Cloud that helps you streamline, simplify and error-proof barcode and data capture on packages, palettes and documents. You can capture up to 100 1D or 2D barcodes simultaneously in just seconds. For structured documents, you can also capture phone numbers and detect if a signature is present with the press of a button.

Capture more in less time with SimulScan on Zebra TechnologiesTC57 mobile computer. Streamlined, swift, and free.

Your workers can do more, more quickly, with this completely free tool.

The Zebra DNA Cloud Tool to Help You Migrate to and Configure Android for Business

Mobility Extensions (MX)

The Android OS is great for consumers and businesses. But, in the case of the latter, it does need to sharpen up its act to gain true enterprise-level functionality.

Mobility Extensions (MX) is the tool that helps it do just that. It adds a layer of features to Zebra devices that run standard Android to make them truly business-ready. This includes enterprise-grade security, data-capture support and business-class Wi-Fi connections – and it’s completely free and pre-installed on Zebra machines.

And There’s Much, Much More

We’ve picked some of the headline features available with Zebra DNA Cloud, but there are many more, including:

  • Bluetooth management options to make pairing and unpairing much easier – saving time and frustration
  • OCR Wedge for capturing standardised data quickly. This useful tool can pick up license plates, shipping container identification numbers, and a variety of information on drivers’ licenses and identification cards.

Finally, with Zebra DNA Cloud, you can also take advantage of powerful security software. Schedule software updates exactly to your preferences. Lock down devices, so that only permitted apps are available or even visible to users. You can even track down devices when they are lost. Find out more in our post about Zebra security software.

A final piece of good news. While some of these Zebra DNA Cloud tools are paid-for services, many are completely free to Zebra customers.

Nuffield Technologies is a Zebra Technologies partner and can help you purchase mobile devices, tablets and wearables – and Zebra software solutions – at preferential rates. We can help you in procurement, device setup and Zebra software integration, ensuring Zebra products work optimally for you and in conjunction with your MDM or EMM. To find out more, get in touch and speak to one of our team.

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