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Exploring the New Zebra ET6X Range of Rugged Tablets

Zebra has long been at the forefront of producing innovative hardware, capable of empowering teams, and enabling them to get more from their data. From barcode scanners to handheld mobile devices and wearable computers, the company has an illustrious and storied past and continues to excel in its field today.

Zebra has recently brought out its newest range of tablets – the ET6X. Coming in two distinct versions, the ET60 and ET65, these new devices are bringing greater versatility to businesses than ever before, whilst retaining their rugged DNA. We’ll be exploring the two models in today’s post, and unpacking their key features.

The Zebra ET60

The ET60 has been built to withstand truly tough working environments. Alongside its seamless Wi-Fi 6E wireless connectivity, the tablet also features drop resistance on concrete surfaces (at room temperature) of up to 5ft. Consequently, the ET60 is ideal for demanding indoor settings, as well as more challenging outdoor environments.

Whether it’s being used to help with warehouse forklift operations, or in hand on the plant floor, the ET60 excels. In addition to its durability and toughness, this offering from Zebra features an impressive 10.1in screen, and the option of integrating a SE55 1D/2D Advanced Range Scan Engine (with Intellifocus™ technology), which enables barcodes to be scanned up to 12m away.

Other features of note include:

  • The ability to safely wash the tablet(s), courtesy of IP66 sealing.
  • Freezer-readiness for cold chains.
  • Built with a long lifecycle (with service and support up to 8 years) in mind, and will be on sale for four years.
  • Next-generation Qualcomm 6490 2.7 GHz octa-core processor, designed to support both artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
  • Automatic data capture with Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • 1,000 nit super bright display (ideal in both incredibly bright natural light, and dimly lit interiors).
  • Designed to withstand solar radiation, salt fog, and to be dustproof. It’s truly a tablet that can be used in virtually any climatic conditions.

The Zebra ET65

The nature-loving sibling of the ET60, the Zebra ET65 features data connectivity that enables its use “outside of the walls”. Its key features remain the same, however on top of those, the ET65 also includes:

  • 5G connectivity (the only device in its class to do so).
  • Private 5G support to cover wider areas like ports and yards when Wi-Fi connectivity is unavailable.

Why Choose a Zebra Device?

When it comes to commercial hardware solutions, Zebra really is at the fore of the pack. Below, we’ve detailed some of the reasons why.

Intuitive Software Ecosystem

Unlike some other rugged Android tablets, which don’t feature a software ecosystem, the ET6X range features Zebra Mobility DNA; a suite of software solutions designed to simplify IT complexities and maximise user productivity. In the fast-paced worlds of logistics and distribution, manufacturing, or field services, efficiency is key – and simplicity equates to greater efficiency.

Most Recent Android Version

When compared with the Zebra ET6X models, many of the most directly-comparable alternatives feature outdated versions of Android (with one well-known competitor using Android 9). By comparison, both ET6X tablets have Android 13 installed, which is the latest, most sophisticated version of the OS to date.

Greater and More Reliable Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Wi-Fi 6E wireless connectivity utilised by Zebra’s ET6X tablets enables more efficient bandwidth sharing, enhanced channel width and reduced latency. Technical jargon aside, what this means, in a nutshell, is that Wi-Fi 6E connectivity means devices can perform better, quicker and more efficiently.

More Rugged Forklift Mounting

Other Android tablets also lack as reliable or secure a forklift mounting as the ET6X models. Likewise, many alternatives don’t have a freezer option that prevents condensation from accumulating on the touchscreen, making them virtually unusable in cold-store environments.

Zebra Technologies ET6X tablet in a vehicle dock
The ET6X transforms into a vehicle mount computer with Zebra’s patent-pending new vehicle dock. Ideal for forklifts or other material handling vehicles.

Use Case Flexibility

One of the key strengths of the ET6X range is its use case versatility. Thanks to the wealth of features at the tablets’ disposal, both models can be used in a wide array of different use cases.

For the ET60, use cases include:

  • Mounted to a forklift for warehouse operations.
  • As a handheld barcode scanner for inventory and stock management.
  • Helping with loading and unloading.
  • Cold chain management.

For the ET65, use cases include:

  • Vehicle mount computer for technicians servicing assets out in the field.
  • Yard management.
  • Energy and utility meter reading.
  • Compliance inspections.

What Rugged Actually Means

Rugged hardware is hardware that can take on the lumps, bumps and bruises that usage in demanding workplace environments requires off it. For instance, rugged hardware has to be able to withstand the knocks, vibrations and constant pounding that working with forklifts brings with it. In a similar vein, its touchscreen has to be configured for use with gloves, and might feature a heated touchscreen for use in cold environments. The new ET6X range includes all of those features (and more).

Final Thoughts

Zebra’s latest offerings, in the form of the ET60 and ET65 Android tablets, have everything we’ve come to expect from this industry stalwart over the years; quality, innovation and truly rugged capabilities.

Heavy in features and designed with the user in mind, these tablets are redefining the way businesses operate. And whichever of the ‘siblings’ you opt for, you can rest safe in the knowledge you’re making a good investment.

If you’d like to find out more about the ET6X range, get in touch with Nuffield Technologies, today.

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