Field services engineer taking a photo of an electricity box using a Zebra TC58

A Detailed Exploration of the New Zebra TC58 Mobile Computer

December 6, 2022

Earlier this year, Zebra brought out the latest iteration in its rugged TC5X series of mobile computers, the TC58. Designed for use across a whole range of sectors, the TC58 features several key improvements upon its predecessor, the TC57.

The new Zebra TC58 is accompanied to the market by the TC53. The only difference between the two new devices is that, like it's predecessor the TC52, the TC53 is Wi-Fi only. This  means that it can only be used within your Wi-Fi range. The TC58 has Wi-Fi and 5G connectivity which is essential if your team are working out in the field.

Today, we’ll be looking at the TC58 in more detail, and comparing it against its precursor, the TC57.

What are the TC58’s New/Improved Features?

The main improvements are in its CPU, memory, camera, 5G connectivity, display and operating system.


The CPU in the TC57 is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 octa-core, 2.2GHz. By comparison, the TC58 features the even more powerful (and class-leading) Qualcomm 6490 octa-core, 2.7GHz, with the enhanced computing power of both allowing for even greater mobile performance, overall, than is possible with the TC57.


When it comes to memory, the Zebra TC58 features 4GB RAM/65GB UFS Flash as a baseline, with options up to 8GB RAM/128GB UFS Flash for the most powerful model. This is significantly greater than the TC57’s 4GB RAM/32GB UFS Flash. The TC58 comes with a 2TB MicroSD card slot, a huge improvement on the TC57’s 256GB MicroSD card capability.

What does this mean, practically speaking? Greater amounts of RAM can enable more applications to run simultaneously, and allows them to run faster. What’s more, the 2TB MicroSD card option enables a truly significant quantity of data to be stored on a device at any one time. Greater memory and storage facilitates greater performance, enhanced productivity and more streamlined operations overall, and that’s exactly what the TC58 provides.


With a 16 MP camera, users are able to capture photographs of their surroundings in crystal definition. In addition, the Zebra TC58’s camera features Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) to help retain image integrity and detail even when capturing images on the move.

Courier using a Zebra TC58 to take a photo of a parcel

By comparison, the TC58’s predecessor, the TC57, features a (still more than capable) 13 MP rear camera. So, whichever model you opt for, you’re promised a high-quality mobile camera. It’s hard, however, to look past the Zebra TC58, which offers amongst the highest-quality camera performance currently available on the market.

5G Connectivity

One of the biggest upgrades from the TC57 to the TC58 is the addition of 5G network connectivity. When operating in the field and collecting data, the chances are you’re going to struggle to access a stable Wi-Fi connection.

With 5G network connectivity, however, TC58 users are able to carry on with their internet-dependent processes and activities, no matter where they are. And when you couple this with the TC58’s Wi-Fi 6E technology, users are guaranteed quick connectivity at virtually all times.


Building on the (already impressive) 5-inch display that the Zebra TC57 had to offer, the TC58 comes with a stunning 6-inch display that’s easy to read both indoors and out in the open. With edge-to-edge technology built in as standard, users are able to glean more information with less scrolling – something that’s incredibly useful when time is at a premium.

Operating System

The TC58 is upgradeable to Android 16, which is a significant improvement upon its legacy counterpart (whose OS is only upgradeable to Android 14).

What this means is that the TC58 will be compatible with more several years’ worth of updates without becoming obsolete.

So, if you’re looking for the opportunity for continually-improving user experience from your mobile device, even several years after purchase, then the Zebra TC58 offers the answer.

In Which Areas do the TC57 and TC58 Remain the Same?

The TC57 from Zebra was already an impressive piece of hardware in its own right, and there are certain technical specifications that have been carried over into the TC58. These include:

Drop specifications: MIL STD 810H. Both the TC57 and TC58 are capable of withstanding multiple 1.8m (6ft) drops over concrete, thus reinforcing Zebra’s status as manufacturers of genuinely rugged mobile devices. In real terms, this means that both devices are able to take a beating out in the field and still perform perfectly – something which can’t be said of their commercial mobile counterparts.

The TC58 does perform better in terms of tumble specifications, however, being able to withstand 1,000 half-metre drops, whilst the TC57 is certified to withstand 500 half-metre drops. Regardless of this discrepancy, however, both devices are incredibly rugged.

IP rating: IP65. Both devices are highly waterproof, making them ideal for use in the outdoors, and with water droplet rejection a feature of both devices’ touch screens, usability isn’t compromised by inclement conditions, either.

Programmable buttons: Both the TC57 and TC58 come with a range of programmable buttons to be configured in a manner that best serves operational efficiency and productivity.

Postal worker using a Zebra TC58 to scan a parcel's measurements

Microphones: The TC57 and TC58 smartphones both feature three microphones with noise cancellation to ensure crisp, clear audio on every phone call.

Touch panels: Both smartphones are able to be used either gloved or with bare fingertips, making them ideal for use in unfavourable weather conditions and outdoors, in general.

Final Thoughts On The Zebra TC58

Zebra have excelled once again with the TC58, manufacturing an industry-leading portable mobile computer that’s both rugged and intuitive, and capable of handling whatever’s thrown at it – quite literally in the case of its Corning Gorilla Glass 5 screen.

With greater network connectivity, more processing power than ever before, and an operating system compatible with future upgrades, the TC58 is the ideal business smartphone, both for now, and for the future.

Nuffield Technologies stock a wide range of Zebra products, including both the TC58, as well as its predecessor, the TC57. We can help you choose the right rugged mobiles to suit your unique environment. We offer preferential rates on Zebra hardware and can design bespoke software and apps tailored to your unique needs. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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