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5 Reasons Why Migrating to Android Enterprise Devices Will Benefit Your Business

If you’ve kept up to speed with business tech developments you’ll know that time is ticking for users of legacy mobile enterprise technology. Support is being withdrawn and you’ll be on your own in terms of managing outdated, underperforming and, increasingly, downright insecure devices.

This is never a good place to be when your business model relies on high-performing hardware and software to retain a competitive edge and keep customers coming back.

However, in this post we want to move the conversation on from what’s wrong with your existing devices. Instead, let’s look in detail at some of the solid benefits your business will enjoy by moving to high-performance Android Enterprise devices. We think you’ll agree that the case is compelling if you want to streamline your processes, keep up with growing demand, and beat the competition

1) Faster and more efficient business operations

It really can’t be overstated just how big an impact modern Android Enterprise devices could have on performance and morale. Think faster data capture, greater processing power, better Wi-Fi, longer battery life, quicker charging, slimmer devices and improved connectivity. Each employee will be doing what they do more quickly, without frustration. Multiply that by your number of employees and the benefits are huge.

Or, to look at things the other way around, imagine how badly outdated, bulky devices, with sluggish performance and poor battery management, could be affecting your team’s ability to do their jobs?

Benefits: Your workforce will be fulfilling tasks and orders more quickly, keeping more customers happy.

2) Protection from costly data breaches

According to security experts Ifsec Global, a security breach costs UK businesses on average over £6,000. With attacks increasing in frequency, this isn’t just something that happens to somebody else any more.

Padlock with text showing security risks faced by businesses that can be mitigated by using Android Enterprise devices
Android Enterprise devices reduce the risk of security breaches to your business.

The good news is that modern Android Enterprise devices use an up-to-date OS with multi-layer security to keep data and devices safe. Isolated processes and device encryption protect against data breaches, and Android’s own built-in malware protection stops harmful applications capturing your data. With the right Mobile Device Management solution, managers also have granular control over devices, which provides further security. You can prevent user access to Play Store, whitelist approved apps, control access to the internet and manage all devices via a centralised dashboard.

Making smart choices in terms of device procurement can add further protection too. For example, mobile manufacturer Zebra Technologies offers extended support – including security updates – after consumer Android support ends. This can help to extend the lifecycle of a device and make your investment more cost-effective.

Meanwhile, if you are still using legacy systems that don’t benefit from security updates, you might feel like a devastating attack is just around the corner. The harsh truth is that you may well be right.

Benefits: Your business will be protected against damaging – and often hugely costly – data breaches.

3) Fewer hours training employees

Never underestimate the significance of a user-friendly Android OS that most employees will be instantly familiar with. Use Android Enterprise devices and the efficient, familiar OS is going to help you fast track training, so employees spend fewer hours getting to grips with devices and more time using them to get on with the job more efficiently. (Some estimates suggest it can take two to four days to train workers on legacy devices and a matter of hours on Android devices.)

Head with colours and connections in background and clock over the top showing that familiar user interfaces mean Android Enterprise devices reduce worker training time
Android Enterprise devices are often familiar to workers, and so reduce time spent training.

From the user experience point of view, an Android OS will be a huge step up. Devices are built on modern design principles and benefit from vast research into user experience. They are easy to use and help employees perform tasks more quickly.

Benefits: Train employees in hours not days and keep your people working and earning.

4) A competitive advantage with new technologies and software

New technologies can revolutionise business processes, bringing efficiencies and savings. However, the age of your devices may be the factor that decides whether your business can capitalise on game-changing innovations. If your tech is outdated and incompatible, you will be left behind. On the other hand, if you upgrade to Android Enterprise devices you may be able to use: Bluetooth location beacons (small, wireless transmitters that use low-energy Bluetooth technology to send signals to other smart devices nearby); near-field communications (wireless data transfer that enables tech in close proximity to communicate without an internet connection – think Apple or Google Pay); and 4G/5G. This matters because you can be certain that your competitors will be leveraging tech that will give them a competitive advantage in terms of productivity, efficiency and customer experience. It is difficult to predict what disruptive, industry-revolutionising application or tech is around the corner, but using Android will ensure that you are ready for the change

Benefits: Use the latest tech to improve business efficiencies and be ready for the next industry-disrupting applications.

5) The right devices and applications for your workforce

In its report Rugged Handheld Devices Market 2020-2024, market research expert Technavio confirmed what many in the industry have known for a long time: more and more businesses are choosing Android-based rugged devices. In terms of range, research and development, new products, and also applications to support those products, there’s no competitor OS offering the same degree of choice and flexibility. Android rugged devices include smartphones, handhelds, tablets, wearables and vehicle-mounted computers. Instead of making do and hoping a product and its associated software will fit your own set up, with the breadth and depth of the Android range you are far more likely to find something that fits seamlessly with your set up. And that can only be good for your operations and your workforce. You’ll also get the stable support, parts availability and maintenance you can no longer rely on with Windows products, ensuring longevity for your investment.

Benefits: Increase efficiency with the right enterprise tech for the right job.

Nuffield Technologies helps businesses streamline their operations with business-grade enterprise technology. We can help you find the right tech to suit your business operations, unique challenges and budget. We’ll even negotiate on your behalf with technology providers to ensure deals that significantly beat market rates for products. Visit Nuffield Technologies or call 00 44 1202 665 885 to find out more.

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