Case Study - Public Sector Logistics

A UK public sector organisation required a mobile logistics application to maintain and account for details of Materiel using machine read data, such as Datamatrix barcodes and QR Codes to improve equipment accountability, data accuracy and to comply with international regulations.

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Key Challenges

The client wished to extend their existing logistics system for requesting, receiving, supplying and maintaining details of materiel to be capable of utilising auto ID (barcode) technology.  The project needed to achieve two way integration with an existing host logistics database and meet a variety of security standards.  Existing business processes had been developed over many years, with significant variations between departments which required a careful approach to standardisation and minimise their training overhead.  The project involved a number of partners, collaborating with a Prime Contractor and multiple technical teams across various companies.


Over a period of a year, Nuffield detailed analysis and documentation of complex business process logic and  then developed a mobile application to request, receive, supply and maintain Materiel. The mobile application has been designed for ruggedised mobile computers with integrated barcode scanning technology. The application uses a contemporary user interface and is designed for all-day business use in tough, outdoors environments. It also allows a user to accurately identify and record assets down to the individual item level using machine read data and sign on screen technology for equipment accountability.

The Results

Our application significantly improves Supply Chain Management, visibility and accounting for Materiel utilising common operating procedures. The implementation of the application will result in an optimised logistics footprint, improved visibility throughout the organisation and will contribute to increased effectiveness and efficiency in the end-to-end supply chain.

The Future

The client recently decided to modernise their supply chain operations using Android™ technology. Operating system security was a critical factor in their selection of a device. Zebra's mobility extensions provided the robust enterprise class security needed. The TC72 mobile computer replaced their MC9090 to provide full touch screen experience. Their existing Windows CE® application is being ported to Android. Our CoreXam business application framework reduces their need for bespoke development. It allows them to use code from their existing Windows CE application to reduce costs. It is important to them to minimise disruption to their existing warehouse operations. The Windows CE and Android applications will run in parallel for several months. This allows them to maintain the fast pace of their operations.

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