Android™ Hardening and Lockdown

Secure Operation

Android for Secure Environments

Increasingly businesses are using mobile technologies to boost their productivity and efficiency. 

Many organisations cite security concerns as a barrier to mobile deployments. Unauthorised access via mobile- and application-usage incidents have exposed data in 33% of companies. These security breaches  damage productivity and harm reputation and revenue.

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Top 5 Enterprise Mobile Security Issues 



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Device loss

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Application security

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Device data leakage

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Malware attacks

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Device theft


Tech Target, 2012

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Why Andoid?

Android Security Features

Android's security features help make it the most widely used Operating System. 

Multi-layered security keeps your data and devices safe. Isolated processes and device encryption protect against data breaches. Built-in malware protection prevents harmful applications accessing your data. 

Android is open source. This means collective effort can be utilised to overcome emerging cyber threats. Alongside this, Google continuously invests in strengthening Android platform security. 

Android Enterprise Security

Enhancing Android Security

Deploy Android in security critical enviroments

Sectors such as defence and healthcare may need enhanced OS security features. Our team are experts in deploying Android in these conditions.

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Zebra MX

Zebra MX allows you to extend Android's OS, and add security features. With Zebra MX, you gain an extra level of device and applications management. You can restrict access to features, choose applications to install, and push updates. This suite of tools also allows you to configure hardware features of devices, such as barcode scanners.

More about Zebra MX

A Secure Platform for Android

Sometimes mobile devices need to be completely locked down. Our Secure Platform for Android (ASP) means you can configure devices so they can only be used for the job at hand.

Security concerns in some environments make wireless communications impossible.  ASP is the only mobile device management system that allows devices to work completely offline. 

ASP Overview 

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Android Security Updates

Mobile devices are insecure when they are not supported by updates

Google’s security support for Android is typically limited to 3 years. We believe rugged devices should remain safely in use for longer, so we offer ongoing support for up to 10 years. 

Zebra LifeGuard™

Device Support Packages

Minimise device downtime with our bespoke support packages

Device failure can lead to a significant loss in productivity. 

We minimise disruption to your business with Zebra OneCare® Support Services. Our bespoke services cover technical, software and hardware updates and support. We offer fast repairs or replacements to keep your business running smoothly. 

Zebra OneCare Support

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Your device security

Operate android securely 

Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you operate Android devices securely within your organisation.

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